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Unforgiven Sins Book 2 (Beta Draft)
Unforgiven Sins Book 3 (Alpha Draft)

About the Author: Andrew Whittaker

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Born in 1983, Andrew misspent his youth in Virginia and Utah where he ignored his teachers and cultivated an imagination with friends by wandering around the forests and mountains. Typically, they would go on long adventures and role play the characters they created.

His passion for stories came from his parents, who both raised him on Star Trek, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings, but he came into his love for Epic Fantasy in high school when he discovered Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time.

He began writing his own stories in middle school when he tried to write a script for The Legend of Zelda. That didn’t go anywhere, but Andrew’s love of writing followed him into his college days. He graduated from Utah Valley University in 2010 with a degree in Creative Writing.

Andrew currently lives and works in Utah.

The Devil from the River
Now Available

Sheriff David Nelson carved a life for himself in the southern frontier of the Confederacy. After the Fires of the Burning ended the world, everyone just did what they had to survive. A bounty here, a train job there. He lived by the gun at his hip. That was good enough for him. All of that changed the day that boy washed up on the river bank.

Now, David finds himself pulled back into the life he ran from. This devil from the river has given David a chance at the revenge that he was robbed of all those years ago. If he takes it, his soul will be burned to ash. But in this world where steam-powered soldiers and genetic mutations could kill him at any moment, what does he have to lose?